A December Day on the Marsh, Guided Birdwatching Trip Report

Braving the wind at Farlington Marshes on Sunday 8th December proved worthwhile. The day started with a goldfinch atop a teasel by the side of the car park and a large gathering of brent geese on the water in the corner of the harbour.
By the entrance gate a group of long-tailed tits flew one at a time from left to right. Despite the proximity to the road their calls could still be heard. A group of greenfinches were on the move and trying decide which bush to land up in. Looking to the east a marsh harrier was quartering over the reedbed, and with the distance involved we had opportunity to look at the structure of the bird and use this to confirm its identity. We got another, far closer, view of this harrier towards the end of the outing, more on that later.

Fishbourne Channel, Chichester Harbour Trip Report, Guided Birdwatching 1st Dec 2019

On the 1st of December I was leading an event at Fishbourne Channel. At this time of year this area plays host to a vast number of wetland birds. Amongst the typical inhabitants several more unusual individuals had turned up.

Richard's Pipit, and other highlights from RPSB Medmerry

A pleasant surprise during the most recent farmland bird survey at Medmerry was a Richard’s pipit that flew out of one of the fields. Richard’s pipits are classed as vagrants in Britain, they breed in Siberia and parts of central and eastern Asia, migrating to overwinter around the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia. They appear annually in Britain but not in large numbers. The ones that find their way to our shores have therefore come quite a bit out of their way.

Chichester Harbour Trip Report, Guided Birdwatching 16th Nov 2019

I had planned a shorter guided outing to Nutbourne Channel, Chichester Harbour, although it ended up being not so short! This is an area where you can often get closer to wetland bird species than at most locations. There had been a lot of rain recently, fortunately this trip was on a wonderful winters day, bright and crisp.

Recent Highlights from RSPB Medmerry

This post contains some highlights from a fortnightly farmland bird survey, which was carried out at RSPB Medmerry last week. It was a remarkably warm day while the sun was out – t-shirt weather in November!

Birdwatching by Boat in Chichester Harbour

Last week I had the pleasure of being a birding guide on two solar boat tours around Chichester Harbour. Birdwatching from a boat is not something I have regularly done and I enjoyed the opportunity to get a different perspective of our wintering wetland birds.

Merlin, Bearded Tits and More! At Farlington Marshes. Guided Birdwatching Trip Report 27th Oct 2019

Farlington Marshes is one of my favourite places, and a guided birdwatching trip there in late October highlighted why this is. It was a gloriously sunny and clear day with barely any breeze to speak of. And the birds were even better than the weather!